About K&M Enterprises

The K&M Enterprises mission is to enhance the economic value of corporations, communities, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations by aligning people, technology and initiatives through integrity in partnership, excellence in innovation, and creativity in development.

To ensure the highest degree of accountability, K&M Enterprises is registered as fundraising counsel with the California State Attorney General’s Office.

About Kristina Brook

Kristina Brook has more than 25 years’ experience in grant writing and research. She founded K&M Enterprises in 1992 as a small grant-writing company serving a handful of dedicated clients. Today, the company is one of the nation’s largest grant writing and research firms. It has an unparalleled grant funding success rate of 67%, which is more than double the published industry average of 27%.

Kristina Brook is a top business leader known for her personal and professional success, leadership in the community, and abilities to provide leadership at the national level, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. She serves on the national Business Advisory Council as one of approximately 2,000 national Honorary State Chairpersons and one of 175 California representatives. The National Register also honored her in their annual publication, “Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals” (2003/2004).

Most recently, she was honored by the “Universal Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals” for her demonstrated leadership and achievements in her profession (2005/2006).

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